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Join along side me in the kitchen as I do the final edit of my gluten free cookbook Off the Beaten Path.  Let’s create something you and your family will love! 

But whoa!  Wait.  Backup.  If you have just found out that you or a member of your family need to go gluten free you may also be feeling overwhelmed.

Being Celiac and having one of my two children as a Celiac has proved an interesting adventure. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed baking and creating meals but once my eldest and I were diagnosed over ten years ago, I needed to revisit what I knew about cooking and then discover ways to make tasty meals that the non Celiac members of my family could enjoy as well.

As did I, you may be romanticizing what eating or cooking with gluten filled ingredients used to be like but in truth, cooking with gluten containing ingredients wasn’t always tasty nor did it always turn the way you thought it would.  Be honest.  You know that’s true.

Celiac Disease is being diagnosed in record numbers these days and, as is still the case, the disease is often not discovered until teenage or adult years. By this time our eating habits and probably our cooking methods, if we cook, are already established.

And let’s face it, going gluten free is as foreign a concept to some as being told we can no longer breathe. Because American cooking is wheat based, the very idea of eating or cooking without it may feel downright impossible. I assure, it is not.

Most likely you fall into one of two camps. Either you have little experience and/or have had little interest in cooking or you you’ve already learned to cook and do so regularly.

Fortunately there are positive elements to each. If your foray in the kitchen has been light, you have little to nothing to relearn. Hooray! You are a clean slate.  And, if you are a seasoned cook, you know that kitchen concoctions are little more than tasty science experiments with each ingredient having a purpose – rise, elasticity, moisture, etc.

Either way, albeit a lot to chew 😉 learning to cook gluten free is doable and tasty.  Like that cupcake up there in the picture.  Pure chocolate goodness topped with sweet buttercream frosting and ZERO gluten.  Just remember, the most important ingredients are patience, humor, and willing victims (er….tasters).

I invite you to join with me in the kitchen to make something delicious and a little off the beaten path.

Let’s get cooking!

Facebook Page:  Off the Beaten Path Gluten Free Cookbook Recipes


  1. Susan says:

    I will share your blog with my sister-in-law who has a gluten sensitivity. She will love it! I am going to try some of the recipes as well. Thanks for sharing!


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