Homemade Vanilla (Videos in English & in ASL)

There is a spoken English version below.

Here is one of two ways I know to make homemade vanilla.  Many people don’t realize how very, very easy it is to make and how cost effective!  You need only three steps:

  1.  Vodka (750 ML) – there are non-wheat varieties made from corn (like the one shown), from grapes, and from potatoes  IMG_8629

  2. 15-18 Vanilla Extract Grade Beans

    For your next batch of vanilla click here for a great website, Amadeus Vanilla

  3. Patience

Pour a shot of vodka off the top to make room for those beans.  Snap the beans into pieces and add to the vodka bottle.  Recap the bottle and give it a good shake.  Place the bottle in a dark place (a kitchen cabinet or pantry works well) and give the bottle a good throttling every week.  Give the vanilla at least 6 weeks to release all of its flavor before using.  Here’s where patience works in your favor because the longer you wait, the better!

Use for your own baking (of course) or make several bottles so you can share with friends and family.  I create my own labels (like the one shown above) and bottle the finished product.  These make lovely small gifts to add to gift baskets or stocking stuffers at Christmas time.


Give this baby 2-3 months and it will be a beautiful brown with vanilla bean flecks.


After only 1 week!


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