Gluten Free Monster Cookies!

Put monster cookies on your menu for this afternoon and wait for the happy. Mmmmmm

Gluten Free and Off The Beaten Path

Hmmm…  Call me weird but I had never heard of such a thing until I met my husband, who raved about the “monster” cookie.  “What the heck is that?” I thought.  I had to find out more about a cookie so magical it made my husband’s eyes gleam…

After some inquiry I discovered that this is an oatmeal cookie, but not just any ordinary oatmeal cookie.  Instead it is a chewy, chocolate treat to delight the sweet tooth and have you coming back for seconds, or thirds, or fourths.

For many who have just found out they are Celiac or gluten sensitive, the idea of oatmeal, eaten alone, or included in any recipe is utter nonsense but what many don’t know is that oatmeal, when grown as a dedicated crop and processed on dedicated equipment, is safe.  Luckily for us, and these cookies, there are gluten free oats.

See my NOTE on OATS at the…

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