Gluten Free Crustless Cheeseburger Pie

Plan on making Monday easier with this painless and quick dinner recipe.

Gluten Free and Off The Beaten Path

If you are frantic for a painless supper idea that the kids will like and makes for great lunch leftovers, mix up this crustless pie along with a tossed salad and you’ve got one easy dinner!

Here’s What You Will Need:

1 Pound Ground Beef

1/4 C. Chopped Onion or Shallot (if you want to be fancy)

1 C. Super Fine Rice Flour (either brown rice or white rice will do)

3/4 tsp. Salt

Cracked Pepper, to taste

2 Eggs

1 C. Milk (believe or not I’ve used unsweetened cashew milk in place of regular milk and it turns out perfectly!)

2 C. Shredded Cheddar (I used white cheddar this time around)

1/4 tsp. Paprika, reserved

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and liberally grease a deep dish pie plate with non-stick spray (make sure it’s gluten free such as Original Pam Spray)

Brown the ground beef and the onion until the…

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