Hemp Seeds…They’re Not Just for Hippies Anymore

If you haven’t seen or heard of them yet, shelled hemp seeds (also called hemp hearts) are all the rage at health food stores. And, if you’ve yet to sample them I assure you that hemp is not just for hippies anymore. The buzz about these wonderful seeds is that they pack a lot of nutrition, which should make you happy – something they do without the tetrahydrocannabinol. In fact, per serving, they only contain 0.001% of THC so no worries about passing that urine test or operating heavy machinery. 😉

Mixed into granola, baked into cookies, or added to oatmeal (my personal favorite), these mighty little seeds pack quite a nutritious punch.

A three-tablespoon serving contains a whopping ten grams of protein and zero cholesterol. Also included in these compact seeds are more omega 3 fatty acids per serving than their more famous counterparts, chai or flax seeds. And don’t be too scared of the fat content. Certain fats are good and help our brains run more efficiently. Don’t believe me? The next time you play brain games with a friend who’s been on a low fat diet for a while, prepare yourself for the big win. Healthy fats, like the ones in these delicious seeds, help your brain with both learning and memory function.

And there’s more!   By incorporating these seeds into your diet, you’ll get about half of your recommended daily dose of magnesium which helps keep muscles and nerves in good order as well as give a boost to your immune system.

Need more convincing? How about vanity? Three tablespoons of these nutty tasting seeds will give you more manganese than you need daily. Manganese? Yup, this trace mineral not only helps your body regulate blood sugar (a good thing) but it also keeps that elastin in your skin nice and bouncy (also a good thing).

So the next time you grab for a yogurt or pour a bowl of cereal, try tossing in a handful of these lovely little seeds to add an extra punch of nutrition. You ‘ll be doing your body a favor. 🙂

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